Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Learn to Love It

I've been practicing cityscapes and backgrounds in general. I no longer think of them as a burden, some tedious task that my pictures require. After checking out some really beautiful scenery in the Japanese Batman movie "Gotham Knight" and in other works, I've actually started seeing drawing this kind of scenery as something to look forward to. I hope to one day make my backgrounds look as amazing as they did in that movie, or pretty close ^^

But of course I never get tired of drawing cute guys, so a sketch of Zack from FF7 ^_~ \\//


Blogger Art of Jared said...

about time you updated I almost had to compare you to another artist, who shall remain nameless (Cough Cough James Cough) who has a bolg and never updates. Great perspective on your cities. But wheres Cody?

3:07 PM  
Blogger smithl87 said...

I love Zack and I knew the day would finally come when you liked drawing backgrounds - it's like the sky has opened up to a new day!

PS - I wish knew an once of what you do about Photoshop :(

11:42 PM  

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