Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Illustration Teacher

Ehhh.... yeah. Whatever. He just had surgery so he don't gots no hair. Cuz they shaved it. Even though.. they was operating on his knees. Weird. Anyway... it's all gray cuz it's in my sketchbook and I couldn't put it flat on the glass cuz of the binding. Well I could've but I didn't feel like it. I'll prolly draw him one more time. We did in class critiques today. These were the ones they liked best:

Omg it took me forever to figure out how to do the text with the multiple pics and how to make them go in order... well I guess it only took three tries but it felt long. Whatever, trying out this illustration thing. Dunno why anyone would've majored in this in college >> . The teacher and his friend are trying to encourage me I think cuz they freakin announced that I "have the best drawings in this class". That's a little annoying. Whether or whether not it's true isn't important. It's one thing to say that to me in the little teacher-student private conversations as like some encouragement. It's another thing to say that to a room full of older, slightly crabbier and more competative people. I feel like the guy in boot camp who got everyone in the barracks latrine(sp?) duty. I think...maybe I don't want to be told I'm better than someone or have so much potential or anything like that because... maybe I'm afraid I truly don't have that talent or that potential and all I'm going to do is disappoint the people who believe in me. Don't respond to that, I'm not crying out for more encouragement or anything I was just thinking out loud.


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great caricature! you're comin' along kid!

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