Monday, May 22, 2006

More To-do About that Comic

Kuri is also part of the comic with Impy.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Impy Again

I'm going to be starting a comic. For real. One that I am going to promote using my deviant art and blogger accounts. Go on, laugh, I'll wait.
You good? Ok. So I tried out doing some character designs of the main character, Scera Imp. I have no idea how to do turn arounds but what the heck. I still haven't gotten into her outfit that much but I wanted to focus on her overall appearance first. Tell me whatcha think!

Infinite Possibilities Theory

The theory behind the statement "If you put enough monkeys and typewriters in a room, eventually they'll write all of shakespeare's plays". I'm sure there are an infinite number of sketch nights with an infinite number of Erics who said "let's listen to me babble about something stupid!" But luckly in our universe, the theory proved itself and Eric said something not stupid. Eric #4290749306 suggested that we take one pose from his pose reference book and make up a superhero based on it. Amazing, isn't it??? Anyway I'm not so sure about how correct the pose and stuff is and I didn't really get into the costume or her powers but I really like this pic and thought I'd post it.