Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Life Drawing


People may want to know how I'm doing in my life drawing class, since I was so dead-set against taking it. Well this is the last pic I drew today but I really liked how all my pics came out today. I was late today and I didn't do any gesture warm-ups.. I don't know if that helped or had a neutral effect but we went into five minutes then straight to twenty minuters, which is what this one is. Not really any value on this one, but I really need to focus on getting anatomy and proportion and that sort of thing. I'm gonna take this class again and the additional ones on like Wednesday and Saturday (yes there's another one in North Park on Saturday) and I'll work my way up to those more sophisticated techniques and details. But anyway, my progress thus far.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Here It Is!

So anyway after the failed caricature of Brian... >> Here's finally the picture of Mez as a goth. You'll recall I said "When I draw it for realz I'll make it cartoony"? Well I did. And I colored it! ^-^ So Here we go, all three stages. And godammit this time post some REAL feedback, please! I grow weary of these posts of such spammalicous nature. But no seriously I need real feedback so I can improve on my coloring. Don't comment about the inking I didn't really ink it for real, just needed to transfer it out of my sketchbook (cuz there was another pic drawn on back of that page).

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Exercise in Exaggeration

Because Anne said I went too easy on him in the comic.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Kaman's Komic

Okay so like... I'm sposed to be doing this comic based on a dream I had. So I was sketching this out in my sketchbook, testing out the character designs and the overall way the comic is gonna look. I really like this, though I dun guess it's very stylized. That's alright though, I didn't want it to be super cartoony or stylized or anything I wanted mostly to go for dynamics, surfacewise. Also this was an opportunity for me to design Rachel's character which I guess I did. I really like how she looks. *nods approval* Um... I'm still undecided about Mez and Brian's characters. I like the outfit Brian's character wears obviously cuz I designed that separately earlier (cuz it's the uniform all the soldiers have to wear) but I'm not sure about the blindfold thing. You can barely see the freckles! And they're so important for this scene, too... *shakes head* Well whatever, I thought maybe people would wanna check it out so here it is.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Spiderman, Spiderman...

Okay so I checked out the hand I drew here and referenced my hand and stuff and I found out it was totally backwards! o.o So here it is again. Please give me some good anatomy-related feedback so I can decide if I'm gonna go ahead and do the background and ink and color, okaythanks.
And in keeping with my reemerging sick spiderman fetish, I drew this. In my illustration class. lol. My friends were talking about snack food and one said she felt like she had to be in a "chocolate" mood to eat chocolate and the other responded with the quote above. It was so funny I decided I had to use it somewhere, somehow....and this is what they suggested. ^-^ I decided to make spidey's mask moveable to help the gesture and expression or whatever so he doesn't look like O.O no matter what he's saying like how Brian looks in every single photo. You cannot read the strikethru text o.o it has been STRUCK! Or...stricken... PH34R M3!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

I'll Take That, Thanks

I just wanted to draw Spiderman. I think I'm gonna ink this and color it and put a background. I guess I'll put some baddie in there being all surprised as Spidey gracefully plucks the latest threat on humanity from Mr. Baddie's clutches.

The REAL Squishy Kitty

Okay so I remembered where the "squishy kitty" thing came from. This is a character I made up a LONG time ago. His name is Kehvani. Yeah I guess he's a furry. I probably should've made him smiling in this picture, and I really think the anatomy and pose is wrong... but I think my life drawing class is helping me. I felt a little less lost as I was drawing this. Anyway Mez promised that no matter what, he will provide the voice for this character once he's animated. That's why one day I was talking to him and "squishy kitty" just sort of slipped out. Eh but I'm gonna stop calling him that. But it fits cuz he's year of the tiger too.. oh well, Mez can't be a squishy kitty even tho he gots a tubby belly.

Friday, March 10, 2006


I was thinking about what I might like for my avatar picture. Y'know, your like personal photo that shows up by your name when you leave a comment. I thought maybe the first pic would make a good one if colored. But anyway, Imp is an imp obviously, which is a type of demon. Even though she's a demon I've never drawn her doing anything really demonic.. there was this one time she was killing Brian but she was already in her "demon" form. She isn't aware of her demon side and she only changes under rare circumstances. The last pic is messy at the top cuz I drew a larger version of that gesture/pose up there and they overlapped and I edited it out sorta.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Man of My Dreams

No Mez, it's not who you're thinkin so shut up. I was considering what I might find attractive in a man. So I drew these pictures... first of all I was having some issues drawing guys that don't look so effeminate. Then I couldn't really decide on features I'd like... but I know I really like the expression on the bigger one. Whenever I see a guy making that face... *_* But anyway.... I really like how the asian kid looks.. but he might look too young to be around my age... this is tough. My friend suggested I go sit somewhere very public and crowded-like and observe the people there so I can have a larger reportoire omg that's really how you spell it? I typed that and thought for sure it was wrong... of features to draw from. I mean draw in the figurative way, not literally drawing. Eh... well maybe both. That sounds like a good idea. I'll probably do more of these, so... expect it.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Illustration Teacher

Ehhh.... yeah. Whatever. He just had surgery so he don't gots no hair. Cuz they shaved it. Even though.. they was operating on his knees. Weird. Anyway... it's all gray cuz it's in my sketchbook and I couldn't put it flat on the glass cuz of the binding. Well I could've but I didn't feel like it. I'll prolly draw him one more time. We did in class critiques today. These were the ones they liked best:

Omg it took me forever to figure out how to do the text with the multiple pics and how to make them go in order... well I guess it only took three tries but it felt long. Whatever, trying out this illustration thing. Dunno why anyone would've majored in this in college >> . The teacher and his friend are trying to encourage me I think cuz they freakin announced that I "have the best drawings in this class". That's a little annoying. Whether or whether not it's true isn't important. It's one thing to say that to me in the little teacher-student private conversations as like some encouragement. It's another thing to say that to a room full of older, slightly crabbier and more competative people. I feel like the guy in boot camp who got everyone in the barracks latrine(sp?) duty. I think...maybe I don't want to be told I'm better than someone or have so much potential or anything like that because... maybe I'm afraid I truly don't have that talent or that potential and all I'm going to do is disappoint the people who believe in me. Don't respond to that, I'm not crying out for more encouragement or anything I was just thinking out loud.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

What if?

What if Mez was a super bad-ass, totally goth man-whore? Hmm..... we may never know. I hate drawing in ink so I thought I'd try it. Does that make any sense? *shrug* I'm sure something about the pose and the anatomy is wrong but those are the risks you take with ink. I like it but when I draw it for real I'm gonna make it cartoony so it's funny. Anyway I tried it out and I guess I like it... the ink, that is. I'll work on it some more and try to stay loose when I draw. lolomgwtf u can todaly c his bellybutton lol