Sunday, July 23, 2006

Kuri and Scera

Different comic. One that's likely gonna be post-ponned since I gotta do my entry for this contest...


Blogger Lindsay said...

Hey Imp! This picture is adorible! I see there's actually a whole comic I've missed posted here.

I wanted to just apologize to you for being so quick to sign on and off these past few days. I just moved out of the house and into my apartment, and I'm very stressed because UF is HUGE. (I missed all of my classes today because I couldn't FIND them) Plus, they're all morning classes and I have to leave very early to get the bus since I'm in an off-campus apartment.

I just hope you're not mad, and I hope you're also getting some work done on your entry! If you ever want any feedback and I'm not online, PLESE e-mail me (ask for my e-mail later so I don't post it), and I really hope you start to feel better. Keep at it, good luck!!!

12:47 PM  

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