Monday, November 24, 2008

Coloring: Tony

So I decided to play around with Photoshop for a bit, as I just got a newer version. I attempted to color a pic of Tony Stark that I drew (not really based on Robert Downey Jr. even tho I luv him to death) Overall I think it turned out well and the technique is something I'd like to incorporate into more of my work. I was up against a few limitations, though: I don't have a wacom tablet, so there was a bit of fine tuning I couldn't really achieve, and in addition to doing this with a mouse I was doing it right handed, even though I'm left handed. I just thought I'd see what feedback I could get that might help me improve despite all that.

The final version. In the top pic I messed with a technique that sort of amps up reflected light.

Gettin' into the home stretch...

Boy those lips are lookin' pale... The eyes gave me a bit of trouble too.

Probably should've just stopped here lol...

Yeah I'll keep that hair after all....

Pretty much the bare basics. You can probably see how I worked up the detail from flat color.

This is the sketch underlaying all the color. I was amazed because the sketch wasn't really anything too fancy (actually there are some unresolved structural issues that gave me problems while I was coloring) but I was still able to make something fairly nice out of it!

So please help me out with critiques cuz I plan on doing this sort of thing more often.


Blogger Art of Jared said...

You did this with your right hand?
let me say that backwards.
Wow! You did that with the mouse?
I looked at the art first and thought it was pretty amazing already but then I read it and was like Wow!
Or as Joey might say Whoa!
I also like how you put your color pallet over to the side. That something that I didn't do in photoshop but I think I'll start now.
Its funny how you asked ME for coloring tips but Its me who gain some tips from you. keep up the good work.

1:58 PM  
Blogger Aaron said...

Its cool to see the process. thanks for the comment on my blog, btw, but i accidentally rejected it.

11:48 AM  
Blogger Wittygraphy said...

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9:10 PM  
Blogger cecil said...

I'm so lucky to have you to learn from.

2:37 PM  

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